July 21, 2015

Cool for the Summer

Happy summer! Today's outfit is based off of what I typically where during the summer- a simple dress and my favorite pair of sneakers. Summer is my favorite time of year and it makes me want to stay outside all day long! With that being said, I wear lighter clothes and less layers so I don't pass out from the heat, as well as using smaller accessories. Midi dresses are my go to because I don't have to worry about accidentally flashing someone or the wind blowing up my dress.

Dress: F21 // Sneakers: Nike // 
Backpack:Kenneth Cole 

I'v been super obsessed with mini backpacks and being hands free when it comes to my summer adventures! This bag is the perfect size for me and I really do use it everywhere I go. 

Check out my latest YouTube Video here, to see what's in my purse for the summer! (or just watch down below)